0.1 Second Fastest Dry Eyelash Extension Glue
0.1 Second Fastest Dry Eyelash Extension Glue
0.1 Second Fastest Dry Eyelash Extension Glue
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✔️1.NONTOXIC AND HARMLESS ——ESSI LASH eyelash extension glue is made of the high quality material and it is medically tested with the less irritation to the human body and can be safely used. ESSILASH gives you the best lash extension adhesive.
✔️2.THE FAST DRYING TIME——0.1 Fastest Drying Time!!!After many experiments and comparisons, combined with the most advanced technology and glue raw materials. Tailored to the professional lash artists, greatly reducing the drying time of the eyelash glue.
✔️3.THE LONGEST RETENTION——ESSI LASH eyelash glue lasts up 6-8 weeks, If you can seal it very well, instead of exposing it to the air with the lid open.No more worry that the eyelashes are falling out soon after treatment!
✔️QUALITY ASSURANCE——Make the best product at the lowest price. ESSI LASH the NEW product eyelash extensions glue, after 8 months of careful production, only for lash artists to provide the best products!
INGREDIENTS:Ethyl cyanoacrylate ,PMMA ,Carbon Black
Setting time:0.1 Second

Color: Black

Optimal temperature for use:73-83 F
Optimal humidity for use:48%-70%         


20 g
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